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Firewood and pellet distributor

At IBECOSOL we are specialized in supplying winter products to large distributors: firewood, pellets and their derivatives. We have a network of national suppliers that favor logistics and guarantee the supply at the best price throughout the peninsula.

Oak firewood

  • Holm oak is one of the woods with the highest density (930 kg / m³). Longer duration of flame and embers.
  • For use with fireplaces, ovens, stoves and Barbecues
  • 100% natural.
  • Wood with a humidity <20% due to its treatment in drying ovens.
  • From regulated forestry operations.
  • Calorific power (energy released during combustion) ≥ 20 Mj / kg.

Hardwood firewood

  • Selected woods such as Cork Oak – Walnut – Beech – Oak
  • For use with fireplaces, ovens, stoves and Barbecues
  • 100 % natural
  • Wood with a humidity <20% due to its treatment in drying ovens.
  • From regulated forestry operations.
  • Calorific value (energy released during combustion) ≥ 20 MJ / KG
  • The forms of the cut in “slits” and sticks, allows to reduce the ignition time and the maximum use of the wood combustion.


  • Pellets of national production.
  • DIN quality.
  • Complies with the quality standard UNE-EN 1860/2.
  • Complies with ENPremium CERT regulations.


  • Resin pine wood
  • To light fires
  • 100 % natural
  • Use in fireplaces, barbecues and stoves.
  • Biomass product.
  • The square shape allows maximum use to start the combustion of the wood.


  • Vine shoot 100%
  • All the vine shoots go through a drying treatment in ovens.
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Wood briquettes

  • Wood briquettes: Compression of wood chips, dried and from sawmills, without bark and free of contaminants and chemicals.
  • Pine sawdust 70%
  • Beech sawdust 25%
  • Oak sawdust 5%

Are you looking for a firewood and pellet distributor?

With the arrival of cold weather it is normal to look for the best quality in the products you need for your heaters, fireplaces, etc., in order to have a home or a warm space and shelter from the cold, but also in summer we like to enjoy our barbecues with our family and friends, and for both cases you can count on our team to be your firewood and pellet distributor.

If you would like to get products such as firewood or pellets, IBECOSOL is your place. We are a firewood and pellets distributor with many years of experience in the sector. In our products we put quality first, so we guarantee that if you buy any of them you will not regret it.

Whether you need holm oak or pure wood firewood, pellets, pine chips, twigs or wood briquettes, you will find them all in our shop. Just get in touch with our team and we will take care of the rest so that your products arrive at your door without you having to worry about anything.

Trust IBECOSOL to buy firewood online

If you are looking for a firewood and pellet distributor, we will definitely be your best option. We have a wide variety of products that you can choose according to your needs. Take a look at our catalogue and choose the one that best suits you.

In addition, you will discover that all our products are totally sustainable, because in our company we are committed to the environment and we want your barbecues, fireplaces, and your home to use clean products that do not pollute your environment.

Find everything you are looking for with IBECOSOL as your firewood and pellet distributor and contribute to the environment while you enjoy your warmest moments with the best quality products.

Your best option to buy pellets online

The IBECOSOL pellets are a high quality material, a sustainable fuel that offers efficiency and also provides environmental benefits. Buying pellets online is a great option when it comes to having a highly energy-efficient fuel that burns cleanly and generates little waste.

Our pellets are carefully manufactured from high quality raw materials. Uniformity in size and density ensures efficient and consistent combustion, providing reliable heat for your home or business.

To make it even easier for you, we offer delivery services direct to your door, ensuring you have continuous access to the highest quality pellets when you need them. As a firewood and pellets distributor, we strive to offer not only high quality pellets, but also a commitment to sustainability and service excellence. Get cleaner, more efficient and environmentally friendly heating when you buy pellets online.


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