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Our marketing strategy is based on the pillar of sustainability, encompassing not only social and environmental aspects, but also focusing on securing the future of our company. This means driving towards optimising operational efficiency through strategic investments in new technologies, with the ultimate goal of achieving a circular economy.
Since its foundation in 1995, Ibecosol has stood out as a pioneer in the solid biofuels sector, emerging from a previous experience in the commercialisation of solid biofuels for the industrial sector. Throughout these 25 years, we have experienced exponential growth, positioning ourselves firmly at the forefront of innovation, sustainability and quality in the field of solid biofuels derived from forest and agricultural biomass.

Our commitment to solid biofuels is based on a deep conviction: the future of energy must be sustainable. It is this belief that has driven us to lead the development of the sector, implementing advanced technologies and responsible practices that respect the environment. Our commitment to innovation has enabled us to offer high quality products.

“As a leading manufacturer and distributor of solid fuels, we cover a wide range of sectors, including professional, industrial and consumer. Our focus is on providing energy efficient and economically viable solutions that not only meet, but exceed our customers’ expectations. This commitment to excellence has established us as a benchmark in the market, and we continue to explore new ways to innovate and improve our services.

At Ibecosol, we understand that our responsibility goes beyond simple production and distribution. We strive to be an agent of positive change, promoting sustainable practices within our industry and contributing to the fight against climate change. Through our dedication to quality, innovation and sustainability, we remain committed to developing an energy future that is sustainable for all.

Looking to the future, Ibecosol remains true to its founding values, while constantly seeking new opportunities to expand its impact and leadership in the solid biofuels sector. With a dedicated team and a clear vision, we are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow, while always maintaining our commitment to the environment, our customers and society.”

Guillermo Vega de Seoane
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