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Experts in quality carbon

At Ibecosol, we are experts in supplying quality charcoal to the vibrant foodservice sector. With our technical knowledge and distribution expertise, we support the HORECA sector by providing products that meet the industry’s high standards.


Quality and Consistency: Our Commitment

Thanks to our advanced management of the production chain, we guarantee a charcoal of superior specifications, characterised by high calorific value and consistency in size and quality. This attention to detail in our product is key to efficient cooking, contributing to outstanding results and full customer satisfaction.


Reliable Service and Adaptability

Reliable delivery and adaptability to specific needs are cornerstones of our service. We understand the importance of continuity in your operation, which is why we ensure constant availability of our charcoal, adapting to your operational requirements with customised logistics solutions.

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Are you looking for charcoal for catering?

Charcoal is a unique and special raw material widely used in catering, as it can provide a great differential value to your dishes compared to others that are not prepared with this type of charcoal. If you have a restaurant or any other catering establishment, our charcoal will be the perfect choice, especially in those that stand out for their grilled meats.

If you decide to trust our Charcoal Distributor for the hospitality industry, we are sure that you will not regret it and that you will notice how it changes the flavor of your dishes, giving more intensity to your meats and vegetables. We assure you that your customers will congratulate you!

The benefits of special charcoal for the hospitality industry

Special hospitality charcoal has a high heating power that varies depending on the type of wood and the process by which it is made. It is the best fuel for different reasons, and although it varies depending on the type of charcoal you choose, they all share benefits such as those listed below:

  • Prolonged durability of the embers: the embers of charcoal last longer than those of wood, so you will have to take this into account if you want to hold the whole service without having to add more fuel to the grill.
  • Higher calorific value: charcoal has a high calorific value, so it will take you much less time to make the ember than with other varieties and it will be an essential element to avoid wasting time and keep your customers waiting.
  • Pleasant aroma: the aroma of special Charcoal Distributor for the hospitality industry is pleasant and subtle, which will give a more special touch to your meals and will not overshadow the smell generated by grilled meats and vegetables.
  • Generates less waste: Charcoal for the hospitality industry inevitably generates waste, but our special charcoal for the hospitality industry generates little ash, which will make the cleaning process easier for you.

Discover our brands of charcoal for the hospitality industry

In Ibecosol we work only with the best quality charcoal brands for hospitality. Among our products, we have brands such as Carcoa, Caribbean and Chaparral, with different vegetable charcoals of natural origins that will give a more intense flavor than ever to your grilled foods.

Best of all, all our products last longer than conventional barbecue charcoal, so you will save product in the long run and you won’t have to be constantly watching and renewing the charcoal.

Why work with charcoal in your restaurant?

Many restaurants with grills have discovered the great benefits that we told you about Charcoal Distributor for the hospitality industry, and for that reason we are sure that you will also be delighted once you try it. Charcoal in your restaurant will bring maximum performance to your kitchen, and will delight your customers with your unmistakable flavors.

If you want to know the true flavor of your grilled foods, charcoal is the discovery you were waiting to have. We promise that once you try it, you will notice the difference immediately and nothing will taste the same. Take a step forward with your restaurant and make every person who tastes your food fall in love with it.