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Industrial vegetal charcoal supplies

Vegetal charcoal has a number of benefits for all kinds of industries and sectors. It is a good conductor for metallurgical processes, it provides a more controlled heat in cooking processes, it is capable of producing electricity with its heat, and many other benefits more.

At Ibecosol, we are specialists in manufacturing industrial vegetal charcoal supplies. Thanks to the great capacity of our logistic network, we are able to produce and distribute our products in an efficient and trouble-free way, being able to deliver to each company a vegetal charcoal with the most focused qualities for its sector.

Our vegetal charcoal supply options for industries

Our industrial vegetal charcoal supplies have numerous applications in various sectors. At Ibecosol, we specialize in the following sectors, supplying charcoal to a large number of companies. If you want to start working with our products, you can view our catalog and find the charcoal that best suits your needs and those of your company, as well as contact our team to get complete advice.

Agrario (BIOCHAR)


Iron and steel industry


Battery electrical industry

The best quality with our industrial vegetal charcoal supplies

At Ibecosol, we produce and distribute vegetal charcoal for a wide variety of industrial applications of all kinds. From pharmaceuticals to pyrotechnics, our industrial vegetal charcoal supplies can be useful for a myriad of functions and applications.

We work to guarantee the superior quality of our vegetal charcoal, obtained through carbonization processes that have been carefully controlled by specialists, completely avoiding harming or polluting the environment around us.

Discover how we work at Ibecosol and how we are guided by the values of sustainability, or contact our team directly to ask us anything you need to know about our production process or our products. We are committed to the success of your business.


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